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hopping frog studios, LLC

better branding by design.

Branding is about more than your logo or your advertising. It’s the core of who you are and the values that you represent. If who you are doesn’t resonate with your customers, you won’t succeed.

Over 30 years of experience

creating compelling brand narratives

Successful brands tell stories. Stories about who they are, what they believe and the values they share with their customers.


building better brands

the studio


Whether you are just starting out or simply need a fresh start, we can help you create a brand people care about.


Sometimes it’s a logo. Sometimes it’s a label or even an entire website. Design matters. It’s what sells the promise.


Everyone has a camera. Everyone can shoot video. But can you tell a compelling story that sells product?


Our story

The place where your idea comes to life!

Ideas are funny things. You don’t always know where they’re going to go. The difference between a good idea and one that is successful is execution and proper branding is part of that.