photography BY David Todd mccarty

Visual imagery can make emotional connections.

Photography has been telling stories since it was invented. For the first time, you weren’t looking at an artist’s interpretation of an event, but the actual event. The next day artists discovered they could interpret reality.

We specialize in photographing people in all their glory, from portraits to nudes, fashion to maternity.​


David Todd mccarty

Capturing the inspiration in the human condition.

”Even though I can appreciate the beauty in landscapes or food or the night sky, people are what interest me. I want to be inspired by the craziness of human variety and add my own touch of insanity.“



Finding the person inside.

“The ability to capture a person in photography has little to do with the photographer’s skill, and everything to do with the photographer making the subject comfortable and being present. Sometimes this means putting the camera down and listening.“




Exploring the human form.

“Artists have been depicting the human form since cavemen painted on walls. We are fascinated with the strange beauty of the human body. Maybe we’re trying to figure out who we are, but when you look at a nude form, without the benefit of fashion or context, you focus purely on the form.“




Fashion and portraiture.

“Fashion is usually about the fantasy of the designer. It’s all about the clothes. I like to blend my love of portraiture with fashion to allow the personality of the model to come through. They should inhabit the clothes, not just be the mannequin for them.”




When the freaks come out.

“Sometimes it’s fun just to play with makeup and clothes and bodies and faces. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to evoke an emotion. Photography can go so many places.”


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