Tavern house

the tavern house

Hotel + Speakasy

If you’re not continually talking about your brand, someone else will do it for you. You can’t rely solely on good product or location. In order to have a strong emotional connection with our customers, you need to exhibit a set of shared values. You need to tell them stories that will move them emotionally.


the tavern house


Built in 1725, The Tavern House was once used as a tavern, stage coach stop and hotel back in the 1800’s. A place where wear weary travelers could rest their heads and maybe throw back a few.




What good is having a hotel if you don’t have a good bar. Speak is a throwback to a time under prohibition where you had to know where to go.



Who doesn’t like Pi?

After a night telling tales in the bar, and a good night’s rest, who doesn’t want some backed goods, and nothing is as good as pie. A bakery with a numerical flair.